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  Www.itemvendor.com is an internet company focusing on providing MMORPG.  Virtual currency and assets, especially about items in World of Warcraft, including variety of great gears and all kinds of precious mats. We have a efficient team with great passionate about MMORPG, So we know what you want and expect to have when playing the game. There are many items you need from the Auction House are sometimes hard to find and you have to spend a bunch of time in searching it. Our service will greatly help especially for the players who has no time keep in searching the AH. You can focus more time on playing instead of endless searching, we providing you best game experience by doing all the grinding and boring things for you.


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Step 1: Choose what you want and add to your Shopping Cart;
Step 2: Click Check out and input the real information with which we can contact you;
Step 3: Select your game and realm;
Step 4: Our customer service will email (some times calling) to confirm your order when we received your payment;
Step 5: Our delivery Department will send the items to you in game mailbox;

Step 6: Our customer service will email to inform you to check your in game mailbox when the order finished;


   Wish our services can make you feel really convenience. If you want to know more about our services or have any other requirement please feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat or send email to service@itemvendor.com, we will try our best to help.  

  The company has continued to expand its services, offering excellent service and convenience to all gamers and customers.


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