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Savage Blood *20100<12 Hours14.99
Temporal Crystal *20100<12 Hours9.99
Powerful Weapon Crystal (655-670)670<12 Hours19.99
Precision Scope Tuning Kit (655-670)670<12 Hours19.99
Powerful Steelforged Essence (655-670)670<12 Hours19.99
Powerful Taladite Amplifier (670-680)680<12 Hours19.99
Powerful Ensorcelled Tarot (670-680)680<12 Hours24.99
Oglethorpe's Octagonal Lenses (670-680)680<12 Hours19.99
Powerful Truesteel Essence (670-680)680<12 Hours19.99
Powerful Burnished Essence (670-680)680<12 Hours19.99
Powerful Hexweave Essence (670-680)680<12 Hours19.99
Hexweave Bag *230<12 Hours8.99
Thogar's Serrated Chain Mythic700<12 Hours114.99
Talisman of the Fomor Mythic695<12 Hours124.99
Glutton's Kerchief Mythic700<12 Hours69.99
Darklight Necklace Mythic700<12 Hours114.99
Gauntlets of the Heavy Hand Warforged691<12 Hours39.99
Bracers of Visceral Force Mythic700<12 Hours69.99
Doomslag Greatboots Mythic695<12 Hours59.99
Ripswallow Plate Belt Warforged691<12 Hours89.99
Grips of Vicious Mauling Warforged691<12 Hours38.99
Bracers of Callous Disregard Mythic700<12 Hours49.99
Treads of the Veteran Smith Mythic700<12 Hours48.99
Belt of Inebriated Sorrows Warforged691<12 Hours49.99
Throat-Ripper Gauntlets Warforged691<12 Hours38.99
Bracers of Shattered Limbs Mythic700<12 Hours48.99
Iron-Flecked Sandals Mythic700<12 Hours48.99
Eyeripper Girdle Warforged691<12 Hours44.99
Bracers of Darkened Skies Mythic700<12 Hours59.99
Meatmonger's Gory Grips Warforged691<12 Hours37.99
Furnace Stoker's Footwraps Mythic700<12 Hours44.99
Cord of Winsome Sorrows Warforged691<12 Hours49.99
Milenah's Intricate Cloak Warforged691<12 hours48.99
Kyu-Sy's Tarflame Doomcloak Warforged691<12 Hours47.99
Gill's Glorious Windcloak Warforged691<12 Hours38.99
Eye-Blinder Greatcloak Warforged691<12 Hours38.99
Magic-Breaker Cape Warforged691<12 Hours38.99
Warmaster's Firestick Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
Steelforged Dagger Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
Crystalfire Spellstaff Stage 4675<12 Hours59.99
Etched-Blade Warstaff Stage 4675<12 Hours59.99
Steelforged Saber Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
Steelforged Hammer Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
Shrediron's Shredder Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
Steelforged Greataxe Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
Steelforged Axe Stage 4675<12 Hours58.99
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